Holistic Prenatal Care

Are you working with an OB and birthing in a hospital but need a little extra TLC and desire holistic prenatal care and support? We got you mama!

Get the personal prenatal care you deserve now!
This service was born out of demand when women came to us seeking additional care to what they were being provided in the busy hospital settings with their OBs.
We want to welcome you to join us and experience the midwifery model of care!

Holistic Prenatal Care Package

  • Support from two licensed midwives throughout your pregnancy
  • Email communication for any questions that arise between appointments

  • Up to 8 prenatal visits to supplement your full schedule of prenatal visits with your OB

Prenatals may include

  • Review of history and any new presenting symptoms/complaints

  • Recommendations for symptoms

  • Vitals to ensure healthy prenatal blood pressure, pulse, weight

  • Fundal height measurements to check in on baby’s growth

  • Auscultation of fetal heart rate

  • Time for Q&A

  • Prenatal Education and individualized counseling

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Appropriate referrals and recommendations for other holistic providers as needed

  • Non-medicated & natural/physiological birth preparation

  • Review of birth plan

  • Postpartum education & what to expect

  • Well-baby and newborn education

  • Discussions on what to expect at upcoming OB appointments based on stage of pregnancy and informed consent on topics such as ultrasounds, testing and procedures including gestational diabetes, GBS, vitamin K, erythromycin, etc.

  • 10% off practitioner-grade prenatal vitamins from our online dispensary & access to our midwife-approved supplement protocols


  • Must be actively under care with a OB or midwife and seeking supplemental care (option to transfer care to solely midwifery services if client meets home birth requirements and team has availability *care must be transferred over by 34 weeks and chart must be in outstanding condition)

  • Must provide copies of all labs and ultrasounds to date performed with OB

Not included

  • On-call labor or birth support

  • Emergency prenatal care or calls (must seek care with OB)

Supplemental midwifery prenatal care | $1500

Supplemental midwifery prenatals & 2 postpartum visits | $1800

This is what I have been looking for!

Prenatal Counseling with a Licensed Midwife

  • Get all of your holistic pregnancy, labor and delivery questions answered with a one-on-one in-person or virtual call with a licensed midwife.
  • Examples of common discussion topics include diet, hormones, exercise, sleep, how to navigate common pregnancy changes, how to prepare for labor, etc.

    *Please note that this appointment is considered to be discussion based only and if you want assistance with medical advice we can also discuss if you would like to additionally support your pregnancy with our holistic midwifery care.

Prenatal Counseling with a Licensed Midwife | $300 - 60 min.

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"If it wasn’t for Jamin, Dr Chrisi Binder and team, I would not have had the amazing birth experience I wanted. Our family just moved from the desert to San Diego in 2021 and didn’t know anyone. I have had a midwife in other cities for the water births for two of my previous children, but this experience with my fourth was not what we expected. After about 5 hours of labor, Jack was born with his little arm out and because of the highly skilled and experienced team I had, I was still able to give birth at home in front of my other children and my husband. My oldest daughter cut the umbilical cord as well. It was just such a magical experience for everyone involved and brought our whole family closer. Thank you!"

Chantal S.