Postpartum Doula Support

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Let us help you achieve a better postpartum experience! 


Help ease your transition to new parenthood with our postpartum doula services.

Postpartum doulas provide support for mothers, babies and the entire family and services can be individualized to focus on whichever area(s) of support you are in need of.

Examples of care may include but are not limited to:

  • emotional support
  • practical/physical support
  • partner or sibling support
  • lactation of bottle feeding support
  • newborn care and education
  • household organization
  • meal prep
  • resource recommendations and more!

Postpartum Doula Support | $200+ 

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Why Choose Postpartum Doula Services

  • Individualized & continuous care
  • Experienced & certified doulas
  • Get the care you need in the comfort of your home
  • Natural & holistic approach
  • Well baby care

Interested in a faster postpartum recovery?

Book our postpartum chiropractic services to help support your body, calm your nervous system and help you acheive a better postpartum experience.

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Need extra help with breastfeeding?

Our IBCLC is here to help you and your little one while a unique approach to lactation support that combines lactation consulting with specialized chiropractic adjustments for mom and baby. 

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"If it wasn’t for Jamin, Dr Chrisi Binder and team, I would not have had the amazing birth experience I wanted. Our family just moved from the desert to San Diego in 2021 and didn’t know anyone. I have had a midwife in other cities for the water births for two of my previous children, but this experience with my fourth was not what we expected. After about 5 hours of labor, Jack was born with his little arm out and because of the highly skilled and experienced team I had, I was still able to give birth at home in front of my other children and my husband. My oldest daughter cut the umbilical cord as well. It was just such a magical experience for everyone involved and brought our whole family closer. Thank you!"

Chantal S.