Dr. Chrisi Binder

Licensed Midwife + Pediatric & Perinatal Chiropractor


Dr. Binder is a pediatric and prenatal/postnatal chiropractor and she is the owner and CEO of Born & Raised Wellness Co. Dr. Binder has always had a fascination with the design and the efficiency of the human body. While completing her pre-med undergraduate studies, she worked as an EMT providing emergency healthcare services to her local community. Through her first-hand experiences, she decided that she wanted to shift the focus of her future studies to emphasize the prevention of disease and healing of the human body. Today as a Licensed Midwife and Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Binder works with her patients to restore a state of optimal balance and function through her safe, effective and gentle techniques and lifestyle modifications. Dr. Binder is 1 out of 8 chiropractors in San Diego County to be certified by the American Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics. As a dual-licensed midwife and chiropractor, she enjoys incorporating the philosophies of midwifery and chiropractic together to better serve her pregnant moms!

Dr. Beth Williams

Pediatric & Perinatal Chiropractor + Internation Board Certified Lactation Consultant 


Dr. Beth is a pediatric and prenatal/postnatal chiropractor at Born & Raised Wellness Co. After traveling and working all over the world with her husband, Dr. Beth Williams decided to relocate to sunny San Diego! With an aspiration to help improve the health and wellness of Carlsbad and the communities of North County San Diego she joined Born & Raised Wellness Co. in July of 2018. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 1999 and has practiced chiropractic in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and most recently in the UK. Dr. Williams spent 13 years practicing Chiropractic in London, England where she owned her family-based practice. She has worked with people from all walks of life – from newborns to seniors and everyone in between! She loves connecting with people and helping them to transform their health and she has more than 15 years of experience serving children and pregnant women. She is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and offers a unique approach to helping moms and babies by combining chiropractic care with lactation support.

Dr. Tiffany Duffy

Pediatric & Perinatal Chiropractor 


Tiffany was born and raised in San Diego, but spent some time in Sacramento working at a busy specialty chiropractic office for mamas and babies before returning to SD to join Born & Raised Wellness Co. Tiffany received her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West and her Webster Certification from the ICPA. She is also trained in BirthFit techniques and is currently pursuing her birth doula certification so that she can help out more mamas in this community. Tiffany is beyond passionate about helping moms stay active and healthy during pregnancy, and keeping kids healthy and strong through natural and specialized chiropractic care. Tiffany has been running for most of her life and was a collegiate athlete in cross country and track. In addition to BirthFit, she also has a background in personal training so naturally she is very passionate about teaching others the best ways to take care of their bodies and feeling great. Tiffany particularly loves to help moms stay active on their pregnancy journey- whether you are working out every day or just trying to get through the day! You deserve to feel good! So many major changes happen in the body and nervous system for mama and baby during pregnancy and those first years of baby's life! It makes sense that you may need some help along the way! Chiropractic is so beneficial to the body and brain connection, and there is still so much we are learning as our understanding of neurology grows. Tiffany is excited to see you all soon.

Jamin Sylvada

Licensed Midwife 


Jamin was born and raised in Paris, France. Even as a child she remembers being drawn toward the medical field and the care of women and children. During her time in pre-medical school, she developed an intense interest in midwifery. After graduating at the top of her class from the Ecole de Sages-Femmes-Jeanne-Sentubéry in June of 1997, she accepted a full-time position in the obstetrics department of the Hôpital Antoine Beclere in Paris.

Her experience in busy city hospitals in Paris provided her with many opportunities to work with a wide variety of pregnancies, including delivering twins, breech births and vaginal births after C-Section (VBAC). Jamin also became highly skilled at suturing all degrees of vaginal and perineal tears, resuscitating premature and full-term newborns and providing critical care required for postpartum newborns and mothers.

Several years and hundreds of hospital births later, though grateful for the hospital experience, her heart really yearned to assist women with homebirth where many women feel empowered by having a greater sense of control how their child is brought into the world.

Jamin moved to Florida in July of 1999 where she practiced in many busy birth centers. She then decided to move to Encinitas, California where she became licensed by the Medical Board of California.

Jamin has been providing both homebirth and doula-monitrice services throughout San Diego County since 2003. For Jamin, the most important gift she feels she has to offer is to help guide women to and through natural birth process, whether it is at a hospital or home.


Dara DeSoto

Postpartum Doula + Student Midwife


Dara has been a certified birth doula for the past 10 years and always loved the midwifery model of care. Her first experience with midwifery came 25 years ago when she became a mother. Her first son was born with the support of community midwives at a small birth center near Washington DC, and she fell in love with the practice. Dara has a bachelors' degree in education from Vanguard University. She has been married to Peter for 26 years and has four grown children. When they were young, her family moved abroad to serve alongside her husband doing development work in El Salvador. While in El Salvador, Dara witnessed the disparity of resources, opportunity and hope that was so different to her experience in the United States. It challenged her to consider how midwifery is crucial not just as an alternative in the U.S. to hospital births, but often a necessity for those living in poor communities. Now that her kids are grown, Dara is pursuing a vocation as a midwife, and a full-time student of Mercy in Action College Of Midwifery, earning a bachelor of science in midwifery with the goal to license as a midwife in the state of California. This Fall, she begins her second year of midwifery school and joins San Diego Midwife as our newest student in the clinic. It is with great joy and gratitude that Dara embarks on this journey as a student of midwifery.

Brianna Adams

Senior Student Midwife + Placenta Encapsulator


Brianna was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Growing up she dreamed of empowering women and after learning about Midwifery, she knew she had discovered her calling. In 2014, she relocated to Santa Barbara to attend CSUCI. While attending her general education classes she was fascinated by Psychology and the potential of integrating the mind, body, and spirit to improve health outcomes. With the high prevalence of perinatal mood disorders in the United States, she knew she wanted to address this in her future career as a Midwife. In 2019 she graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and minored in Chicano Studies. While a student, she volunteered at the local maternity home teaching prenatal nutrition classes and provided doula services to the local community. In 2019, she volunteered with AmeriCorps as a Community Health Worker helping to address social determinants of health in the Southern Utah region. This experience showed her the strength of community and the importance of providing continuity of care. When her 12-month term had ended with AmeriCorps, she moved to San Diego to attend Midwifery school and begin her clinical placement with San Diego Midwife. Brianna currently studies at the National College of Midwifery and plans to graduate in 2023. During her free time, she enjoys discovering new cafes to study at, sunset cliffs yoga, beach days, and hikes with her dog, Itzli.

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