Holistic Midwifery

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Let us help you achieve the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience of your dreams! 

Our midwives are licensed by the Medical Board of California and provide continuous care for families from pregnancy to birth and throughout the postpartum period. 

We recognize birth as a natural event and not a medical emergency and we are honored to help support the families in our San Diego community who are seeking natural and holistic options for their pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

We know that the way that babies are brought into this world matters and we are proud to be able to help welcome them into their family's loving arms at home.

If you think that you might want to work with our team, please start by booking a discovery call below. We will review finances and the basics of our care. If our journey together continues from there we can schedule a virtual consult to ask more in-depth questions over a thirty-minute period and most importantly see if we are a good fit to work together!


Holistic Prenatal care, Birth & Postpartum Support | $7200

Holistic Prenatal Care Packages (you have an OB & hospital birth planned but need a little extra TLC) | $1500

Prenatal Counseling with a Licensed Midwife | $300

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Why Choose us as Your Midwives

  • Individualized & continuous care
  • Experienced midwives
  • Homebirth
  • Birth Center
  • Waterbirth
  • Natural & holistic approach
  • Be an active part of your care and birth
  • Postpartum care
  • Well baby care
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"If it wasn’t for Jamin, Dr Chrisi Binder and team, I would not have had the amazing birth experience I wanted. Our family just moved from the desert to San Diego in 2021 and didn’t know anyone. I have had a midwife in other cities for the water births for two of my previous children, but this experience with my fourth was not what we expected. After about 5 hours of labor, Jack was born with his little arm out and because of the highly skilled and experienced team I had, I was still able to give birth at home in front of my other children and my husband. My oldest daughter cut the umbilical cord as well. It was just such a magical experience for everyone involved and brought our whole family closer. Thank you!"

Chantal S.