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Let us help you get your body balanced so that you can function optimally.


Stress does not serve the body well and unfortunately, there are stressors everywhere in today’s modern world and it’s almost impossible to avoid. Over time, chronic stress can lead to dysfunction and disease in the body. It is also well known that chronic stress can lead to increased cortisol levels in the body. Increased cortisol levels can disrupt proper functioning within your body which can affect your ovulation and fertility. Let’s help you identify the major stressors in your life and put a plan in action to remove or reduce them and simultaneously get your body better aligned with chiropractic care so that you are better able to adapt to your environment and function optimally.

We can help you to identify the three major stressors that exist- Thoughts (negativity, stress, anxiety), Traumas (emotional and physical) and Toxins (environmental pollutants, chemicals). All of these can have an impact on the fertile landscape of the body and chiropractic helps to address all three of these. We will help you “take it back to the basics” and while we address all of these components, our main emphasis will be ensuring that your body is optimally balanced by removing any interference to your nervous system. We also work extensively with other healthcare providers (i.e. midwives, acupuncturists, naturopaths, physical therapists, nutritionists, therapists) and will make custom referrals to help you achieve your healthcare goals naturally.


Initial Visit | $169

Follow-ups | $50-60

*Price varies based on package option

Why Choose Fertility Chiropractic 

  • Webster-Certified Chiropractors with many years of experience
  • We have an in-house midwife who approves all of our adjusting protocols
  • Gain an understanding of what your body needs to prepare for pregnancy
  • Decrease stress and calm your nervous system
  • Ask valuable questions and get insight at each and every prenatal appointment
  • Prepare for a healthy pregnancy with products and resources recommended specifically for you & your needs
  • Get a 10% discount to professional-grade supplements
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Prepare your body for Pregnancy with Chiropractic

Our adjustments are gentle, safe, effective and approved by our in-house midwife!

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"On my journey to heal my body and help prep myself for conceiving a baby, I decided to add chiropractic care to my self-care and I'm so glad that I did. I feel more connected to my body and it feels better than ever. I know that my nervous system is also related to my overall health and I'm happy that I'm giving it what it needs to be healthy while I'm also working naturally to remove toxins and stress from my everyday life."

Sarah B.